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Welcome to Bill Thurman's Music Website!                                           My original home was in Nashville, TN and later I mainly grew up in Memphis where I went to high school and the U. of Memphis. I have been a professional musician now for 50 years. I played my first professional gig, a recording session, with Noel Gilbert and other Memphis string players when I was 16 and still in high school. The session was in Muscle Shoals, Alabama.                                             Here I sell CDs, downloads, streaming sales and more by way of CD Baby, iTunes,, Rhapsody, Spotify and more online sites. You may also contact me at the site here or by using:                                                           This email I see practically 24/7  

I am still young and alive through the power and beauty of music!



I TEACH THE FIDDLE - Violin - Viola, Piano And Guitar throughout ARKANSAS. I play blues, swing, pop songs, ethnic songs, Irish and all sorts of old fiddle tunes, some Renaissance music, light classical music for weddings, and compose and produce music. I teach fiddle workshops and classical string workshops as well. If you would like to hear some samples of my tunes and songs, just scroll down further and you will see the link to ITunes and CD Baby.  Some Kinda Blue and more CDs are available at

SOME KINDA BLUE             OCTOBER 2013  

FREE DOWNLOAD - Achille's Jig
FREE DOWNLOAD - Pasaje Llanero

You can preview my music at: or

More Chemo - January 5, 2017

Today, 1/5/17 I'm starting my second half of chemotherapy at the Winthrop Rockefeller Cancer Institute next to the University of Arkansas Medical School. I still have the leiomyosarcoma cancer. I'm not sure that I'll ever be in complete remission from this very aggressive cancer, but I am hoping for the best. These treatments should be over in late February. However, I am still performing at every decent event possible. I'm not letting cancer stop me in the meantime.

Weddings! - October 6, 2016

I seem to be doing quite a few of these this month. The more the merrier!

Fiddle Workshops - September 23, 2016

I am looking forward to scheduling and teaching more fiddle workshops in the future. I'll post more about those as they develop. They will be in various cities around the USA.
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